Shifting conditions that hold a problem in place.

Promoting health is a complex challenge wherein “the answer” is not known and even if it were, no single entity has the resources or authority to bring about the necessary change. Improving health requires a systems approach that focuses on the relationships between organizations and the sharing of objectives. It requires the creation of a new kind of organization that has the skills and resources to assemble and coordinate the specific elements necessary for large-scale change to take place. The North End Wellness Coalition is such an organization. With its 25 member organizations, it engages in a multi-prong approach to change the health-related behaviors and beliefs of the community over time.

See these conditions defined below as NEWC operationalizes them.


Policies include formal and informal standards for improving health. NEWC works with these entities to influence health policy.


Our intentional and observable NEWC behavior include the following:

Long Term Goals

Resource Flows

NEWC Funding Sources Include:


Ongoing interactions among our members drive progress. NEWC relies
on and prioritizes relationships both inside and outside the
organization in order to build stronger, more dynamic and creative
collective power. It includes base building, political education, issue
identification, training & action.

Mental Models