North End Trails

NEWC invites you to help us claim a City of Grand Rapids Neighborhood Match Fund award supporting the creation of the North End Trails. The multi-loop network will provide everyone who lives works and plays in Creston and Belknap with a pathway to nature and urban views as they stroll, exercise and gather with neighbors and friends to Move Local.

Calvin College Public Health Nursing’s 2016 focus group identified a walking trail as an opportunity to increase exercise and reduce obesity. NEWC responded and collected input from local residents at Best of Creston to identify a proposed network of walking routes. NEWC will be placing signage along the trails and intends to install a central community board with room to display sponsor names as well as news and healthy tips. We are already organizing weekly walking groups and would be happy to explore business promotions coupons.

Time Line of Events:

Spring 2018 – Community Feedback was gathered on the needs of the Creston/Belknap neighborhoods.
Summer 2018 – North End Trails map developed and proposed by NEWC
Fall 2018 – NEWC Awarded a City of Grand Rapids Neighborhood Match Fund of $2,222

Now – NEWC is seeking donations and sponsorships from community partners and local business partners – keep reading to see how you can help!

Spring 2019 – North End Trails Launch Community Event

Levels of Sponsorship:

Compass —- $ 100 —- Partners’ name featured on community message board and Launch Day flyers
Pathfinder —- $ 500 —- Partners’ name and logo featured on community message board and flyers on Launch Day
Trailblazer —- $1,000 —- Partners’ name and logo featured on community message board, flyers, and t-shirts on Launch Day

Ready to donate?

Make checks out to: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 1025 Three Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505, noting “NEWC urban trail” in the memo. Questions? Contact NEWC co-facilitator, Elianna Bootzin at 616-454-8413 or