Dear Patrons,  We know that diet is the number one contributor to good health.  We also know that in our community people see their health as key to a quality lifestyle.  At a recent community gathering many residents asked for opportunities to learn about good nutrition and healthy cooking.  Enjoy the following  support for making healthy nutritional choices. 

The North End Wellness Coalition is committed to give our neighbors the opportunity to eat healthfully. We have partnered with River North Public House to bring you fresh, new options for delicious, healthy eating. Our logo to the right indicates that this menu item is especially good for you. 

This choice:

  • Contains fresh fruits or vegetables
  • Limits added salt, using herbs and spices for flavor instead
  • Reduces added sugar
  • Uses less fat when cooking, such as roasting, baking, or grilling 
  • Includes whole grains or complex carbohydrates
  • Is yummy.


Making even small changes to your diet can lead to better health. Eating a nutritious diet protects us from getting sick, having heart problems, helps prevent some cancers, gives us energy throughout the day, and leads to longer lifespans. Other benefits are supporting muscles, boosts immunity, strengthens bones, helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight, helps the digestive system functions, and supports healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding.

This message is brought to you by the North End Wellness Coalition, a consortium of local organizations that work to promote the health and wellness of the community so that everyone can thrive.