Zach Eddy Interview

NEWC is happy to introduce Dr. Zachary Eddy, owner and operator of Ivy Rehab at 1264 Plainfield NE. New to this location, Dr. Zach is enthused about serving the residents of the community, especially as it relates to good health and movement. (FYI, Dr. Zach offers free initial consultations).

We asked Dr. Zach a few questions about his own pursuit of health. To read the full interview, visit

What does “being healthy” mean to you?

It is important to have a good knowledge base of what factors contribute to our health.Then we need to include  those healthy habits into our daily lifestyle so it happens seamlessly rather than feeling like a task you have to do. 

Are healthy eating and healthy menus important to you?  If so, why?

Absolutely. Nutrition has a widespread impact on our bodies. A balanced diet can prevent, delay and improve a multitude of medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, systemic inflammation, degenerative neurological conditions and autoimmune disorders among many others. Personally, I have seen the effect nutrition can have and it has been a major motivator for me in making smart eating choices. 

How do you incorporate some healthy practices into your personal life?

I put myself in a position to just move. Exercise doesn’t have to be running multiple times per week, it can be dancing with our son while watching a Disney movie, going for a walk after dinner, playing in the yard with our dog or parking far away from the entrance at the grocery store to get a few more steps in. Movement is important, in whatever form makes most sense to our day to day life. From a mental health perspective, meaningful relationships are very important to me, so making intentional connection with people each week helps keep me in a healthy mindset. 

 How do your family members participate in a healthy lifestyle with you?

Luckily my wife, Nicole, also works in the healthcare field and has a passion for healthy living. We do a great job at holding each other accountable to make healthy living choices. Healthy living is much easier when we share that goal.