Our Vision

The coalition works to foster a culture of individuals and families who learn and live fully-physically mentally, socially, and spiritually.

Our Mission

The coalition collaborates with churches, businesses, non-profits, and neighbors to promote the wellness of the Creston and Belknap Neighborhoods.

Guiding Principles

We work from a holistic understanding of health. We recognize that health (1) is influenced by contextual and cultural factors, (2) includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, (3) and requires both prevention and intervention.

Who We Are

 The North End Wellness Coalition thrives on its passion for the  health of individuals and our community. We are a team of 25 organizations that banded together to foster the health of the Creston and Belknap neighborhoods. By sharing our resources, learning together, and providing healthy opportunities, we work to achieve 4 goals: 

The Coalition invites anyone interested in pursuing healthy lifestyles—their own or their communities’, to join us. Let us know who you are.

NEWC and COVID-19​

2021 and the story continues! A review of NEWC goals in 2020 indicated many of them had been achieved by the end of 2019. Couple that with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and it became obvious it was time to refresh NEWC to meet the needs of the current landscape. Suddenly our collective health had been threatened and health disparities for people of color had become painfully transparent.

NEWC restructured itself into 4 Impact Teams to address these targets. Each team has a leader who orchestrates the meetings and a facilitator who provides resources, reflection, perfunctory work, and coordinates with other teams. NEWC has long held that health is a key to a thriving community. It shares the value of a thriving community with the Creston Neighborhood Association, the Creston Business Association, and the North Quarter Corridor Improvement Authority. NEWC proposes to be assimilated into the work of the Creston Neighborhood Association where its work can be seamless within community activity instead of an “add on”. NEWC seeks to be a part of CNA so that healthy living can become foundational to Creston’s increasingly thriving community.