North Quarter Pathways

The North Quarter Pathways make use of the sidewalks (5 loops totaling about 5 miles) along Plainfield Avenue that provides a safe venue for hiking, biking, and running.  It is a place for community members to gather and to socialize as they pursue fitness.  It also provides an attraction for all Grand Rapids residents to visit Creston businesses at the same time they participate in athletics.

Creston residents requested this project.  They suggested that a trail would be easily accessible and a great place to pursue health, especially when gym memberships may be out of reach financially.  This is an asset that serves everyone, young and old, the affluent and the under-served.

The North End Wellness Coalition is currently inviting businesses and individuals to join us in this healthy effort as a marketing or charitable endeavor. You can review The North Quarter Pathways Partnership & Resource Guide to consider at what level you would like to participate (please excuse typos; final version coming soon!). Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive the announcement for our fall North Quarter Pathways Kick Off event!


The North Quarter Pathways are funded in part by the City of Grand Rapids Neighborhood Match Fund.